Saturday, September 24, 2011

Four to Keep Your Eye On!

hello, everyone!  Time again for me to pass along some amazing music to your waiting ears!

This time, I'm mentioning a few awesome artists, and of course, you can count on seeing their music players below!

The first comes from across the pond- England, that is.  Her name is Neme, and her music and fantastic!  She's an up and coming rap artist who released an amazing album, "The Cube of Life," back in 2009.  Now, she's back in the studio working on a brand new album, which is SURE to bring some serious fire!  I definitely recommend checking out the hit single from that album, "Sacrifice."  The video is up on YouTube- And you know I got your back on this...  Watch it right here, so you ain't gotta go anywhere!

Now, flipping things up just a little bit, we're going to jump genres and dive right into the next group- That's right: Group.  So far, all I've reviewed have been solo artists, but these guys DESERVE the recognition!  Originally called "Covered In Scars," they had to change their name due to some disenfranchised losers...  That's my personal opinion on the situation, of course.  Now known simply as CoveredScars, they are still making waves!
They just played a show in Chattanooga, Tennessee- Opening for none other than Killinger and... STRYPER!  Yeah, you read that right.  These guys are going places, folks, so jump on the fan wagon now, before there's no room left.  Let me put this another way.  When Michael Sweet hears your demo and demands you open the show, well...  There's nothing else left to say but "sign me up."

Next up is a band that currently sits at number five on the Electronica charts in Toledo, Ohio.  With three themed albums under their belts, these guys have been there, and done that.  Add to this the fact that they crafted nine independent radio singles, two of which reached top ten.  Further, consider also the fact that the song "I'm A Pop Star" stayed in the top ten for six weeks, and remained in the top forty for over three months.  These guys have experience- And their name is Midiboy.

I highly recommend heading over to their page, and jumping on board with them- But wait until you're done reading this!

Finally, hailing from Concord, New Hampshire, is Azure Cross.  These guys play Blues Rock like few independent artists I've heard.  Their lyrics are thoughtful and insightful, and their music is true to their roots.  Definitely check these guys out, and if you'll be in New Hampshire October 15, check them out at Nashua Harley for the American Cancer Auction.

I do hope to have a more in depth interview for each of these artists, and so many more, but for now- As promised- Here is where you can check the music for yourself.





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