Monday, May 16, 2011

Lauren Light

Lauren Light is a talented young woman from North Carolina that has one obvious goal in life - to be the best. When you listen to her music, it conjures thoughts of Fiona Apple, Alanis Morrissette, and the best of the of the nineties.

Recently, I was able to interview this amazing young woman. Originally, I was going to pen this article using the interview to draw upon; however, she's such an amazing artist, I may have to include parts of it!

When I first heard her work, I was listening to Saint Warhead. I was floored at the raw power in her voice, and immediately looked her up. When I listened to her own music, I was not disappointed. Far from it; I was blown away. Lauren has a way of taking the things life has to offer, and crafting songs that encourage and uplift in those trying times.

Whether encouraging her listeners to do the right thing in a hard situation, or lifting their spirits during times of despair, Lauren has the gift: The ability to connect and make a difference.

R.E.T.S.: Your song "Stay With Me" is amazing. No wonder you chose that one for your first video! What went into the at song?

L.L.: A lot went into this song, and it relates to me the most out of all the songs I have written. I actually put a big piece of myself out there for the world to see. And that’s why I’m really glad everyone has gotten so much from it. And then Filming the Music Video was awesome, it really brings the song to life.

R.E.T.S.: "Get Me Out" is a song very reminiscent of Fiona Apple and the style of music which came out of the late nineties. Is there a story behind that one?

L.L.: Yes I’ve been told that. And Yes There is a story behind this song, I won’t go into to much detail because I actually wrote it about someone I knew who parents were going through a divorce. No one would have guessed from the outside what was going on inside there own house. A lot of people really seem to relate to it and others fit the lyrics to there own situations. It was a song topic I always wanted to write and address.

R.E.T.S.: "Out of the Picture" is one of my personal favorites- The level of energy is palpable. How did you come to write that song?

L.L.: Thanks! I actually wrote this one about a friend too, that I kept trying to convince her the guy she was madly in love with was only semi interested in her. He would give her all this attention and they were really close but as soon as anyone else came around or any other girl he would completely ignore her. It was a roller coaster of emotions for her, and I thought how can she one day be in the picture and the next out. And the words just came.

Lauren Light is an amazing artist who is educated, talented, and fully deserving of the recognition she has, and will, receive. She's also a piano player, an artist capable and willing to collaborate with others. Additionally, she has a bit of advice for those who are working to make their own dreams reality:

...I would give the advice never give up on your dreams, but always make sure you are pursuing them… Opportunities don’t fall in your lap you have to make them happen.

Check her out right now below, and become a member of her fan club at:

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